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AZ Secured Signature provides Mobile and Remote Online Notary (RON) Services to the Metro/East Valley area, as well as many other states.  As a trusted dedicated professionals, we honor building strong relationships with our clients and customers.  We take great pride in delivering exceptional customer service while providing a customized notary signing experience for you.  We perform closings, including mortgage refinancing, home equity loans, and purchases.  AZ Secured Signature is setting the trend on how to notarize documents electronically without the client leaving their home.

Bonded, Insured, Certified and Background Checked through the National Notary Association.  As a Loan Signing Agent, we focus on document preparations, backed with a strong general notary knowledge, and an understanding of important documents.  Our commitment is to ensure a smooth, efficient, and customer-friendly closing/signing process.    Text us at 480.310.9303 with Contact Information or email us at info@azsecuredsignature.com


COVID-19 PRECAUTIONS:  Our Mobile Notaries all follow strict CDC and state mandated Covid-19 protocols.  We wear masks and gloves for the protection of ourselves and our clients.   If we print your documents, we use a new set of gloves and mask while printing and handling the documents.  And, not only will we sign a COVID-19 NNA Statement, you must sign one as well.

Available 7 Days A Week

Mobile Notary Services

Mobile Notary Services

An AZ commissioned mobile notaries will travel anywhere in Arizona to meet with the signer.  Arizona regulates the fee the notary can charge you for the mileage.  Documents are printed on legal or letter size paper using a blue or black pen to sign.  The notary uses paper acknowledgment forms with a traditional notary stamp.  You can schedule a mobile notary to come to your location at a time and date that is convenient for you. Text us at 480.310.9303

E-Notary Services

An electronic notary and the signer must be physically located at the same location within the state of Arizona to legally complete an electronic notarization. The notary uses a tablet to complete the notarization. An electronic stamp is used rather than a physical stamp. Trusted document certification is added to an audit trail onto the official record of the transaction. All witnesses and credible witnesses must be present for the notarization.  Text us at 480.310.9303

Remote Notary Services

Remote notaries must be physically located within the state of Arizona to legally complete a remote notarization.  The signer can be located anywhere in the world as long as they have the right technology, pass the ID verification process, and pass the credential analysis.  An electronic stamp is used rather than a physical notary stamp and a trusted document certification is added to an audit trail into the official record of the transaction.  Text us at 480.310.9303

Available 7 Days A Week

Forms We Notarize

Last Will and Testament

Last Will and Testament. A Last Will and Testament is a legal document that details how a person’s assets and property will be distributed after their death.

Limited Power of Attorney

 When you create a limited power of attorney, you are granting an agent the legal authority to act on your behalf. Under a general power of attorney, your agent has the authority to act on all matters. A limited power of attorney, on the other hand, limits the scope of your agent’s powers to a specific action or set of actions.

Power of Attorney

 Power of attorney is a legal document that allows an individual (known as the “Principal”) to select someone else (the “Agent” or “Attorney-in-Fact”) to handle their business affairs, medical responsibilities, or any decision that requires someone else to take over an activity based on the Principal’s best interest and intentions.

Loan Types

Commercial mortgage notes look similar to residential mortgage loan packages and will set forth the terms of the financing. At times, a note in a commercial package will require notarization. If you don’t see a certificate, you are not required to notarize it.

Living Wills

living will is a directive to physicians and other healthcare providers specifying your wishes with regard to specific treatments or procedures to be used in the event of your incapacity.


trust is a fiduciary arrangement that allows a third party, or trustee, to hold assets on behalf of a beneficiary or beneficiaries. Trusts can be arranged in many ways and can specify exactly how and when the assets pass to the beneficiaries.

Medical Power of Attorney

The Arizona medical power of attorney also referred to as an “Advance Directive”includes a Living Will which allows the principal to choose their end-of-life treatment options. The principal may articulate which types of medical care they will permit, and the care that they demand be foregone. 

Quick Claim Deed

A Quit Claim Deed, or “quitclaim”, transfers the ownership or rights of property from a ‘Grantor’ (current owner) to a ‘Grantee’ (new owner).This type of deed makes no guarantees if there are any other owners other than the Grantor.

Homestead Declaration

Homestead Declaration refers to a form filed with the county recorders office to put on record one’s right to a homestead exemption. A homestead declaration protects a person’s home from being seized and sold in the event a money judgment is entered against him/her by a court..


The certificate of an officer that a written instrument was sworn to by the individual who signed it. Jurat is derived from jurare , Latin for “to swear.” It is proof that an oath was taken before an administering officer, such as a notary.


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Notaries can be dispatched to Care Centers, Hospitals, Doctor’s offices, Attorney’s offices, title company offices, real estate offices, lender’s offices, hotels, restaurants, or any other place of businessBecome a client for one free travel fee.  Text us at 480.310.9303

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